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When sustainability was a lifestyle, not a goal.

What we mean when we talk about Living Organic?

Living Organic

Hello and welcome to our Living Organic page.

This page and our available forum came about after The Montalvo House began to host a Community Market at the front of our historic property. Since the original property was home to an orchard and cottage gardens, plus a hand-built rock water well that supplied water to our town 130 years ago, we believed that hosting a Community Market would be completely in line with the historical context of our property.

The county that we live in, Kinney County, Texas, is classified as a “food desert” by the USDA. That’s because our residents have to drive a minimum of 32-42 miles in order to have a complete selection of fruit and vegetables. With 30% of our population over the age of 55, and our medium income of $24,000, we thought we could help our neighbors by relieving them of the cost and expense of gas-consuming trips to local towns for organic produce, and instead bring it locally for all to share.

Thus, The Montalvo House Community Market was born, bringing a full selection of Certified Organic Produce to our small community.  The response has been overwhelming.  We have a host of customers, from those that have specific medical needs, to fresh, new mothers who are looking to serve their children less processed and pesticide/hormone-laden foods.

Within weeks, our customers, while shopping, began to share their excitement at having access to such fresh produce. Recipes began to fly and before we knew it, the idea of an on-line forum on “Living Organic” was born.

Do any of us here at The Montalvo House know the absolute definition of “Living Organic”?  Not at all!  That’s what our Living Organic Forum is all about.  People sharing their ideas about life choices - food choices, lifestyle choices, gardening tips, ideas about life itself.  

So join us, and add your definition to our ever expanding definition of Living Organic.