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When sustainability was a lifestyle, not a goal.

The Montalvo House

The Montalvo House needs volunteers!

Project: Organic Market

More about our market…

Bagger - bag produce and product at sales counter.

Time frame:  2 hours 1 time per week

Every Saturday.  Shift sometime between 8am and 12 pm.

Project: Organic Market

More about our market…


Time frame:  4 hours, 1 time per week

We need some volunteers to help us finish out the interior of our new Community Market building.  We will supply materials and tools.  Example: Put up 1x6 boards to finish out the walls.

Project:  Land maintenance

Land maintenance

Time frame:  2 hours, 1 time per month

Assist in helping to keep trees trimmed and property clean of debris.

Project:  Publicity

Monthly Newsletter

Time frame:  2-5 hours, every month. Produce monthly newsletter for distribution via email.  Use of office equipment at office will be provided.

Project:  Fundraising

Make some telephone calls and follow-up with letters

Time frame:  2 hours, every week

Do you enjoy talking to people?  We need someone who can make calls and ask some of our donors if they would like to contribute again this year.  We have the numbers and also the templates for follow-up letters.  Help us raise the funding we need for our historic restoration!

Project:  What do you like to do?

Tell us what you enjoy doing, and we will find a way for you to join us!

Time frame:  You decide

If you have a talent that you would like to share, come join us as a volunteer.  Whatever you like to do, there is always a way that you can assist us here.  Just let us know you are interested, and we can find something!