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When sustainability was a lifestyle, not a goal.

The Montalvo House

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Open 1st, 2nd, 3rd Saturdays

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8-12:00 p.m.


202 S. Ann Street

Brackettville, TX 78832

*** 60-80% of the produce we carry is fresh from the farm, depending upon the season.  The Montalvo House 501 c 3 organization does not have its own farm.  We are in the planning stages of initiating a certified organic farm, to be used for educational purposes, however we are not there yet.  Instead, we drive our refrigerated van (thank you USDA grant!) on a 456 mile route to approximately 7 different farms to purchase the farm fresh produce that we sell.  6 of these farms are USDA certified organic.  The other farm is brand new and at this stage, too small to be USDA certified organic, so we label their produce “Naturally Grown” meaning without pesticides, hormones and/or fungicides.  We vet each of our farms carefully, and if the produce is not USDA certified organic, we label these products as such.  We also carry USDA certified organic produce this is not produced locally, such as celery, bananas, and these products are purchased from a licensed distributor.

Welcome to The Montalvo House Community Market!  We sell fresh-from-the-farm certified organic produce, Naturally Grown produce, and other local flavor foods such as fresh baked artisan bread, farm fresh olive oils from Carrizo Springs, fresh goat’s milk soap, and lots of cheer, recipe sharing and neighborhood camaraderie.  For more information on where we get our produce, please see our More Information Page!

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