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When sustainability was a lifestyle, not a goal.

The Montalvo House

2015 Board of Directors

Meet our current Board of Directors.  We built our Board upon foundations of expertise that we believe are essential to our success:  education, resource conservation, fiscal responsibility, law, community outreach, finance and preservation, and local entrepreneurship.  

Silk Waters Mooney | Board Secretary and Executive Director

Silk Waters Mooney served as a small business owner for over 30 years.  She brings extensive experience in public relations, office management and fiscal responsibility to our Board.

Beau Schenck, Architect | Technical Advisor

Beau Schenck, a graduate of UTSA College of Architecture, is currently completing his 7 exams and internship requirements to become a licensed architect.  He was a key participant in completing the HBCAR that began the restoration of RHTL3440.

Sanjeev Kalaswad, Ph.D. | Technical Advisor

Dr. Kalaswad currently serves as a Program Specialist in the Innovative Water Technologies group at the Texas Water Development Board in Austin, Texas. He brings extensive experience in resource conversation to our Board.

Technical Advisors

Meet our current Technical Advisors.  These are individuals whose current lifestyles and/or work schedules do not permit them to sit as Board Members, however they wish to still lend their expertise and assistance to us whenever possible.  

Tim Miller | Board Chair

Tim currently sits on the State of Texas Organic Farming Advisory Board.  Having been an organic farmer for close to 40 years, his experience as a teacher and advocate of sustainable farming practices is well known state wide.

Juan Martinez | Board Treasurer

Juan has been blessed as a public servant in the capacity of an Emergency Medical Technician for 15 years.  His son was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the age of two, which led Juan and his family to search for healthier diets.  He now enjoys educating others on pediatric cancer and nutrition.

Homer Montalvo, Ph. D. | Board Vice Chair

Homer Montalvo is a family tree member of the Montalvo family.  He served for 42 years as an educator, as teacher, school superintendent, and Associate Vice President of Student Affairs with California State University in Bakersfield, CA.

Enrique Fernandez | Board Member

Enrique practiced law for 25 years in and around Kinney County and the surrounding area before being elected as the presiding judge of the 63rd Judicial District Court. His love for the preservation of history was the motivating factor in accepting the appointment to the Board.

Kattleye Sommerfield | Board Member

A mother of two boys, MS. Sommerfield has a great passion for preserving history for future generations.  She works as a Health and Fitness Coach and enjoys educating others as to the benefits of farm fresh produce and healthy lifestyles.